The Sweet Success of a Jewish Baker and Businesswoman

Chocolate Snowball. Toasted Coconut. Blackout. Raspberry Swirl. Peanut Butter Cup. White Hot Chocolate. Baba Booey. It’s hard to choose just one!

These are some of the offerings at Crumbs, a wildly successful chain of kosher cupcake stores founded by Mia Bauer. Israeli-born Bauer graduated from Brandeis in 1991 and went to work as a lawyer for the City of New York. In 2003, she left the law and followed her passion to the kitchen.

I got to know this entrepreneurial Jewess a bit better through a podcast interview with NPR’s special series From Scratch.

Bauer lived in Israel until age seven. She has vivid memories of her mother, whom she calls a “fabulous baker,” whipping up American style treats in their kibbutz kitchen. She recalls baking regularly at home and her first job was in a bakery. It only became a professional interest when she decided to stop working as an attorney and explore a second career. Before Bauer made the jump from law to cupcakes, she considered several business options, including a hair salon for kids. Her baking hobby won out and, after a bit of brainstorming, she took a chance and self-financed her first store.


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