Slice Of Life: A Fruit Label Collection From The Heart…….

As a child we used to collect the little stickers that one finds on many kinds of fruit and save them on the back of one of the kitchen cabinet doors. I do believe the point of this was to appreciate where things come from, as well as being a geography lesson of sorts. Though come to think of it, it may have started with Chiquita banana labels that were redeemable for prizes. Over the years some fell off, but were replaced by my parents, who as it seems, maintained this collection even after the kids were long out of the house. Last summer while at my parent’s home, my little ones noticed this impressive collection and upon returning home decided that we too should embark on such a noble hobby. I of course encouraged them as I love the fact that they’re now doing something that I did as a child, and that it reminds them of our visits to my childhood home, and more importantly of their loving grandmother, who is unfortunately very far away.


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