The Santa Cruz Haggadah: Kids Passover Fun Book

Publisher: Hineni Consciousness Pr

This fun book is for people who are ‘kids’ or who want to honor the part of themselves that is still a kid. It has all sorts of games, puzzles, fill-ins, a maze, word games and tons of cartoons from The Santa Cruz Haggadah to color – and all relate to Passover.

Because many traditional haggadot are translated directly from the Hebrew, they do not include the complete story of Passover. The story is included in this book and can be read at your Passover Seder irrespective of the haggadah you use.

Several key details have been left out, ‘voids’ have been created: (1) I have found that kids whose family’s tell the complete traditional Passover story, get pleasure form being able to say, “Wait a minute, where is ….?” And by doing this, what they know is then reinforced. (2) Families, and children, who don’t like either the violence or, what they would term, the ‘supernatural’ aspects of the story, are given the space within which to create and share the key features in a manner that is congruent with their spiritual, religious and political value and belief systems. (3) Finally, I believe that the moment has been reached in Jewish history where it is critically important for us to create materials which, through their flexibility and the voids left to be filled in, are capable of being fully inclusive, of honoring everyone’s versions of our story.

This would be the way of the Jewish mystical tradition, the Kabbalah, where there is a belief that the universe was formed in the void created by a contraction of the Creator’s omnipresence. One of the things to learn from this is that we get creative when we have a void: the absence of that which we expect, need or hope for. My blessing for you is that you fill the spaces in your life in a joyous and creative way. Happy Passover!

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