the rebbe and the holy land

The Rebbe and the Holy Land

A glimpse at the loving relationship between the Rebbe, the People and the Land of Israel

The Rebbe’s love for the Land of Israel was unequaled. His approach was an enigmatic mix of faith and practical activism: On the one hand, he saw G-d as the ultimate guarantor of Israel’s physical safety. Yet at the same time, he repeatedly urged Israel’s leaders not to compromise in any measures to defend the Jewish people – citing the Torah’s approach to security. The Rebbe cherished the Jewish People, the Jewish Land and our holy Torah – all as a perfect oneness, a faultless ring of love and holiness. The Rebbe and the Holy Land presents a small window into the loving relationship. Main program subtitled in choice of English, Hebrew, French, Spanish, and Russian. Over 50 minutes of video including bonus features.

Publisher: JEMM, 2004

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