For Goodness’ Sake: Inspirational True Stories

One small act of goodness can change the world, and this inspiring book can change your whole outlook! This collection of true, wonderful stories introduces a host of people-from rabbis and students to butchers and businessmen-all of whom embrace the opportunity to do chesed. Learn what effect a friendly “Good morning” can have on a bus driver. Find out why a renowned Rosh Yeshiva personally popped popcorn for his young visitors. With warmth, wisdom, and wit, the author shares these inspirational stories, highlighting the goodness inherent within.
“Each of us has the opportunity to serve, to make a difference in the lives of others,” writes UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Belafonte after relating how he raised money to save a condemned school in Kenya. The difference one person makes might be very small, but small efforts can be essential, as the first-person anecdotes collected here show. From a little boy who uses his hard-earned pennies to buy his mother ice cream every week, to a stranger who gives a suffering man a mug to hold the cup of human kindness, these are tales of small, simple actions of generosity that are remembered years, even decades later. Each anecdote is followed by a series of similarly simple actions the reader can take to help another: tutor an older relative in computer skills, encourage your child to help care for a sick friend or pet, etc. This warm book’s title is totally accurate—these are heartwarming tales that should inspire anyone to do some good just for the pleasure of helping.
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The next step beyond kindness and gratitude, says Steve Zikman, is acting on those feelings. In Doing Good for Goodness’ Sake, Zikman collects powerful true stories about saving lives, mentoring teens, preserving the environment, and more. The stories express the joy of helping someone else unconditionally. Importantly, he includes practical advice and information relevant to each piece: how to reach out to others during the holidays and in times of need; what to do in a car, medical or fire emergency; where to volunteer with your family; how to be an active member of your community; and a wide range of other ways to turn the thought of doing good into action. Chapters include Everyday Good, First Response, Through the Eyes of a Child, Teen Talk, For the Holidays and Missions of the Heart. Easily accessible and full of creative ideas, this collection is perfect for sharing with family and friends over the holidays and throughout the year.

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