The Process of Koshering a Chicken

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The Process of Koshering a Chicken

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Slaughtering animal following Jewish laws is a skill that requires in-depth knowledge of the Jewish Dietary Laws. Koshering a slaughtered animal is considered by many as the most humane way of killing animals. To become a kosher butcher, one must practice and learn this skill very well for a couple of years before becoming certified. Here’s how a chicken is slaughtered following Jewish Dietary Laws.

  • Just like other animals, a chicken must be healthy and should not have any physical deformities before it can be slaughtered. A kosher butcher must thoroughly inspection the chicken before slaughtering.
  • Use a clean knife that is sharp and without any nicks for slaughtering.
  • Make an incision in the chicken’s neck.
  • Drain the blood from the chicken.
  • Inspect the internal part of the chicken especially the lungs. The lungs should not have any holes.
  • To make sure that all blood has been drained out of the chicken, soak the meat in cold water and salt the meat.
  • Remove the liver and fats surrounding its internal organs.

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