The Latest in Frummy Hocks: BT Insurance

I used to joke that every beis din should have insurance, kind of like errors & omissions, for cases in which they convert someone whose observance level goes south as soon as they come out of the mikveh. Because a halachic conversion is so emotionally grueling and takes so long, it’s hard to find insincere converts, but they’re definitely out there and probably greater in number than I’d like to admit. I get why rabbis are suspicious of engaged couples, expectant mothers, and the just plain crazy.

Ba’al teshuvahs don’t have a beis din for us to blame when they fry out. Though we could spend all day taking pot-shots at Chabad and Aish for what they drag in, the biggest risk of all is taken on by the BT himself. Think of all the things BT Insurance could cover…


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