“There Is No Hatred Like the Hatred of Faith”

The piece that follows is shocking in its smugness, in its arrogance, in its elitism, in its hatred – even for Haaretz. I present it in the entirety, as an aid to understanding what is right and what is wrong with Israel today.

This cannot be an easy time for the fanatically secular in Israel. A new survey shows that 80% of Israelis believe in G-d. In the midst of all the disagreement – even between contributors to Cross-Currents – about the role and responses of the charedi community, this factoid should be a source of great hope, promise and challenge for the future.

The effete snobs of Haaretz are not happy with this finding, and even less happy to learn that 70% of Israelis believe that Jews are the Chosen People. Gideon Levy has an epiphany. He discovers the reason for all that is wrong with Israel. This belief (and the attendant belief in the Bible itself, from which it derives) is the spring from which all kinds of ugliness and toxicity flow: the occupation, the racism, the ability to go it alone against the global community. He announces to whomever will listen: “The enemy is not religious coercion. Worse than coercion is genuine belief in all this silliness! We are all Haredim! We are all Sikrikim!”

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