Shmura Matzas, Shmura Heart

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Passover and preparing for Passover Seder night begin with Breslev Israel.

Don’t be overwhelmed by Pesach; stick with us and everything will fall into place. First of all, the Pesach Overview is a brief summary of the basics in preparing for and observing the holiday. The Seder overviewwill help you prepare for and understand the Seder. In our Pesach Page, you’ll find dozens of articles and stories to enrich your holiday, as well as an entire list of Breslever customs for Pesach. Enjoy!

People ask, “What’s all the commotion about Shmura matzas? Why should I pay $20/pound for matza?” Read the eye-opening answerhere. Also, if you’d like to tell a delightful parable to your family at the Seder table, explain to them why this is G-d’s Favorite Night.


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