Top 10 Frum Finds on Urban Dictionary

My friend Eitan gasped when he realized I had no idea what the Stern Hump was, of course it was some random word that some douche invented on Urban Dictionary which is a site devoted to people who decide to make up offensive terms and words. Almost every word and term on the site is devoted to something sexual, racist, antisemitic or homophobic. Of course, that’s why the site is so much fun to wander about a check out what random Jewish words people have posted or invented.

These are my top 10 mostly frum finds on urban dictionary:

Stern Hump: When a female student from Yeshiva University excessively gyrates your leg or genitals while avoiding direct penile contact. This occurs when the girl becomes inebriated enough to engage in limited sexual activity without being forced to think of herself as a slut. This phenomenon is extremely painful for the participating male party.


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