Richard Bernstein Inspires FC Volunteers

Meet Richard Bernstein, Richard ran 17 Marathons and completed the Ironman Triathlon, note: Richard was born blind. This past Thursday 150 Friendship Circle volunteers gathered at the Jewish Childrens Museum for an evening of inspiration and fun.

The girls were treated to a delightful Yogurt Bar and then heard from Mr Bernstein. Richard explained the challenges a person or child with a special need may have, and commended the great work the volunteers do in bringing joy to the children and their families.

“Theres a law in the state of Florida” said Richard, “should a person wish to adapt a dolphin for any reason, they must take two” By not allowing these mammals the  companionship they crave, we are torturing these creatures to the extent that the state found it important enough to pass a law in this regard.


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