Jewish Authors Who Champion the Cause of Enemies

In an article in the Guardian, published on March 12th, Israeli author David Grossman expresses his belief that the Jewish state must be saved, not from the threats posed by a nuclear Iran, but from those posed by Jewish paranoia.

He asserts, “It is Israel’s fears, not a nuclear Iran, that we must tame” and says that a strike on Iranian nuclear facilities “would be a wild bet, likely to disfigure our future in ways I dare not even imagine. No, I can imagine it, but my hand refuses to write it.”

However, as Arutz Sheva’s Giulio Meotti explains, “One should begin to suspect that the international success of Grossman and other Israeli self-lacerating writers has more to do with their talent for Israel bashing than their literary gifts. The sycophancy, abasement, and degradation of these writers’ exercise in moral equivalence are not only a repugnant insult to the truth, but an affront to all Israelis.”


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