Representatives Speak Out at New York Yom Hashoah Vigil

Despite torrential rain, hundreds of New Yorkers turned out for a Yom Hashoah vigil at the Iranian UN Mission, on Sunday April 22, to express their concerns over Iran’s nuclear weapons program and its sponsorship of global terror. They were joined by three members of the US House of Representatives and three members of the New York State Assembly, along with some local community leaders.

The event was sponsored by the Yom Hashoah Mobilization Committee, led by Lynne and Nissim Tamam and assisted by Dr. Paul Brody and Jeff Wiesenfeld, which is an umbrella for a conglomerate of organizations. Some of those organizations include the National Council of Young Israel, the Zionist Organization of America, (ZOA), NY Association of Holocaust Survivors, Friends of Ateret Cohanim/Jerusalem Chai, and Americans for a Safe Israel (AFSI).


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