Rape, Hashgocha Pratis and the GOP

As most people don’t really look things up, the notion of a “separation of church and state” in the US is not only poorly defined but also poorly understood.  While this term was first introduced by Thomas Jefferson and others as a colloquial elucidation of some portions of the First Amendment to the US Constitution, it’s come to mean something nearly entirely different in each person’s mind.

Deep into the current US presidential campaign, headlines are sometimes all that matter and if someone you’ve never met says something, you might be liable for the consequences based solely on a similar party affiliation.

Richard Mourdock, the Republican Senate nominee from Indiana was recently headlined to have asserted that God intended for the pregnancies due to rape to have occurred.  I think it’s funny that people take offense to this and not to the myriad of other things that such a claim — albeit not nearly as inflammatory in tone, if you read the article quoting what he actually said and in what context — reveals about this man’s perspective on the world as seen through his religion.

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