A Book by Rabbi Michael Broyde Revisited

We wrote about a book by Michael Broyde in 2011 and reposted it in 2012.

Due to the recent revelations about Broyde, we repost our review again. In 2011 in short we concluded that Broyde’s book called “Innovation in Jewish Law” is not about any innovation and not about any Jewish law. It is about the atrophy of a prayer and discusses the customs and regulations for that prayer. Accordingly we thought that the title was misleading. Nevertheless, at the time, we politely complimented the book as “learned.” Here is our 2012 post…

The Times of Israel reported (8/8/12) that Rabbi Michael Broyde “emerges as frontrunner for British chief rabbi post.”

A “source close to the search process” supplied information on the process to the TOI including this tidbit, “There has also been strong lobbying for Broyde by the chancellor of Yeshiva University, Norman Lamm, who in a letter called Broyde ‘the finest mind of his generation,’ says the source.”

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