Summer at the Teaneck Swim Club, the Tenafly JCC Outdoor Swimming Pool

The start of summer. With nice weather ahead we look forward to swimming outdoors every day in Tenafly or Teaneck.

TSC open on weekends now and every day starting 6/21/2012.

JCC OTP open on Sundays now and every day starting 6/17/2012.

And here are some of the other pools that we’d like to swim in…We’ve been to some of them

Cool pools: 10 favorite hotel swimming spots By Gary Warner

The Orange County Register

Some like it hot. I do not. After a steamy day of going from museum to shop to cafe to hotel, I am in dire need of something big, cold and relaxing. No, not a beer. Well, OK, a beer would be nice, too.

I’m talking about a pool. A hotel swimming pool. A beckoning oasis of deep, crisp blue.


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