Rabbis: Stopping Assimilation Overrides Shabbat

Rabbi Shlomo Aviner and prominent kabbalist Rabbi David Batzri say it is permitted to desecrate Shabbat as part of attempts to prevent romantic relationships between Jewish women and Arab men.

In response to a question in regards to assimilation, the two ruled that the goal – saving young women from physical and spiritual danger – justified the means – an activity entailing violation of Shabbat.

Rabbi Shalom Cohen of Eilat says that every weekend, many mixed couples from southern Israel arrive in the resort city, some staying the entire weekend. The phenomenon, he says, has become “a real tradition” in recent years, and today there are thousands of young Jewish women living with Muslim men.

The Eilat rabbi was required to address the issue about four years ago, when he was asked by some of these women to help their partners convert. Since being exposed to the extent of the phenomenon, he has been working to prevent the “forbidden romantic relations” by trying to convince the women to leave the men and using other methods he refuses to elaborate on.

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