Are these the nails used to crucify Jesus?

HaShalom forest is a small grove of pines sandwiched between the Abu Tur neighborhood and main promenade in Jerusalem. Anyone walking along the road that snakes through the grove can see a green pipe rising from the ground and reaching a height of several meters.

This pipe, if journalist Simcha Jacobovici is to be believed, this is the physical tip of an archeological detective story in the style of the Da Vinci Code.

And this pipe is the sole evidence of the burial cave discovered by chance while the road was being laid in 1990. Digging at the site uncovered two ossuaries (stone vessels in which the bones of the dead were placed, according to custom at the end of the period of the Second Temple). On one of the ossuaries is inscribed the name Caiaphas (in Hebrew Kayafa) and on the second Joseph son of Caiaphas.


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