Netanyahu Tops JPost’s Annual List of Most Influential Jews

Even during their long sojourn in exile, the Jews left an indelible imprint on the world. From Maimonides to Spinoza, Freud to Marx, Salk to Einstein, Jews have influenced every aspect of life.

But it took Zionism and the birth of the State of Israel to thrust the Jew back onto the world stage not as idea-maker, but as political player. Only with the creation of Israel did the Jews assert their influence on world events as major actors on center stage, not backstage managers, writers or scene designers.

Granted, Jews throughout history played some key political roles – think Benjamin Disraeli or Henry Kissinger – but that was always in someone else’s play.

If Jews used to impact world affairs with their ideas, today – with the State of Israel – they do so by their actions. And there is no Jew alive who has greater influence on current international events than Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.


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