Priest and Sister Honored for Saving Jewish Children

A nun and a deceased priest were honored as “Righteous Gentiles” Tuesday for saving three Jewish children in France during the Holocaust.

The children did not know how they were saved until one of them began investigating their background in the 1990s, more than 45 years after the fall of the Nazi regime.

Sister Marie Emilienne received the medal and certificate of honor as did the nephew of the late Father Joseph Caupert at a ceremony at the French embassy and in the presence of Gabrielle Hochman, who survived the Holocaust in hiding at a Catholic orphanage.

Her family’s story of began in 1923, when David and Hella-Zyssa Hochman emigrated from Poland to France and settled in the city of Metz. They bore two children, Annie and René, and after the German invasion in 1940, they moved to Nice, where Gabrielle was born.


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