Holocaust orphan finds new relatives

The phone at the Hecht home in Rehovot hasn’t stopped ringing. The family has been receiving exciting reactions from all across the globe ever since Ynet published Martin Hecht’s story as part of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s “Remember Me” project, which aims to locate 1,100 orphaned children who survived the Holocaust.

“People have been calling from New Zealand, the United States, Canada, England and Croatia. They all read Martin’s life story and were moved by it,” says Aida Hecht, Martin’s wife. “We never imagined such a response.”

Hecht, who was born in Transylvania, was sent in 1944 to the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp, where he lost most of his family members. He and his brother Jack survived the horror, while his parents and other siblings were murdered.

Hecht told Ynet about the time he spent in Auschwitz: “We were sent to a hut. One of the camp’s veteran prisoners, who saw the shock on my face, asked: ‘Do you know where you are?’ I said no. ‘You’re in Auschwitz, there’s no way back from here. Everyone dies here in the end.’

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