Over 200 Enjoy Ahavas Yisroels’ ‘Shabbos in Gan Eden’

Over 200 people, including families and singles, enjoyed a special ‘Shabbos in Gan Eden’ Shabbaton with Chevra Ahavas Yisroel in the Berkshire Hills of upstate New York.

The Shabbaton took place on the luxurious camp grounds of Emanuel Camp in the stunning Berkshire Hills which borders with Massachusetts and Connecticut, and the inclement weather did not dampen the spirit of those attending.

Arriving early Friday, Rabbi Chezzi Denebeim got to work with some help putting up an Eruv on the portion of the grounds that they were using. As people began arriving the program got underway with kids programs and preparation for shabbos.

The group was joined by Rabbi Levi Hecht and Mrs. Olivia Schwartz who farbrengened, gave Shiurim and workshops throughout the weekend.
Once Shabbos began the group got together in the Shul for Kabolas Shabbos in the signature CAY style which was followed by an uplifting Shabbos meal and farbrengen which went on late into the night.

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