Open Letter: A True Friend to a Stranger in Need

I just arrived home from a routine bike-ride, but it was not without the generous help of a special group in our community.

It all started with me simply chaining my bike to the Botanical Gardens bike rack and hopping on a train to Manhattan. Upon my return, still in broad daylight, I discovered that my lock, while still tightly fastened to my bike, was broken. It no longer allowed me to properly manipulate the numbers so that it can be opened.

Apparently, an unsuccessful theft attempt had occurred.

I knew I was lucky that my bike was still there, but I still had no way of getting home. Leaving my bike chained there and simply walking home was not an option, as this would have no doubt led to a second – this time probably successful – theft attempt.

I tried to flag down a police cruiser, but upon making eye contact with the officer inside, he conveniently turned on his sirens and took off. Still not knowing what to do, I tried once again to manipulate the lock, “perhaps if I try a bit harder it would work,” I thought. It didn’t.


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