Op-Ed Response: Don’t Blame the Mesorah

I write this op-ed as a response to Eyal Rav-Noy’s article titled, “Op-Ed: Why Mendel Can’t Read” from Oct 24th. As a Lubavitcher Special educator directing a learning enhancement program in Crown Heights which includes children with reading difficulties, I am compelled to respond to some of the views outlined in the article which I feel are heretic in nature from a spiritual standpoint and inaccurate and misleading from a professional standpoint.

The author asserts that the way our mesorah is interpreted by mainstream Chabad mechanchim is misconstrued and the cause of the struggles some of our children are experiencing in learning how to read Loshon Hakodesh. He bases this on four main points.

1) Reading upside down – The children think in the context of Kametz Aleph ‘Aw’ which puts the vowel before the letter (when the vowel are on the bottom of the letter).

2) What’s in a name – We teach the names before the sounds, when the sounds are more important.

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