Op-Ed: An Average Crown Heights Voter’s Thoughts on Today’s Election

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new-york-city-mayoral-debateToday is primary day in New York City. Each party will be picking their candidates for the general election, which will be held November 5th.


Some of my friends have been asking me, whom I think they should support in the Democratic primaries. I thought it would be nice to share my view on the primary election from the perspective of an average voter in Crown Heights.

The following is whom I, as just an average voter in Crown Heights, will be supporting in today’s primary, and why I think you should support them as well:

Mayor: Bill Thompson

Bill Thompson is probably the friendliest candidate (in the Democratic field) to the Jewish community.


Compared to his counterparts, he is a political moderate, and would therefore think twice before hurting New Yorkers with extremely progressive, job killing policies.


From all the Democrats on the field, Bill Thompson by far is most fit to be mayor. Therefore I will be supporting Bill Thompson for Mayor of NYC (D) nomination.

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