nisuswriter 6 5 for mac os

NisusWriter 6.5 for Mac OS

Hebrew-English-Yiddish Word Processing

For the first time, the Jewish Community can write in English plus Hebrew, Russian, Persian, Yiddish… as many as 19 different languages in the same document with the same word processor. And Nisus Writer gives you this capability because its the first word processor thats completely Macintosh WorldScriptTM savvy. Nothing compares for diverse language writing flexibility, especially in right-to-left text entry. Not to mention powerful editing, formatting, graphics, and layout features, including footnotes and automatic cross-referencing. You can now save any Nisus Writer file in HTML format to easily create web pages. If you are a rabbi, an educator, or a community lay leader, or just need to occasionally add Hebrew to your wordprocessing documents, Nisus Writer is for you.

Nisus Writer gives you the power to write in Hebrew, English, and Yiddish, all in the same document. Designed to be an extremely flexible & simple writing tool Nisus Writer has always been packed with useful features. Among the new features are the integrated outliner and an innovative Document Manager. Compatibility has been extended to Mac OS 9.2.2 and OS X (Classic only). Nisus Writer 6.5 offers you more value than ever before! Nisus Writer 6.5 enables you to write what you want to write, the way you want to write it. Want to write in another language? Combine it with the Nisus Dictionary Collection on CD and the Apple Language Kits (that come on your Mac OS 9.x CD), and Nisus Writer gives you the complete multilingual writing solution.

You can save files as HTML, or share your work with others with our RTF translator. Need to select multiple items in your document? You can do that easily with our non-contiguous selection feature. You can also select rectangular blocks of material (handy for switching those columns of figures around). Nisus Writer also offers unparalleled find & replace, unlimited undos, customizable keyboard menu equivalents, graphics creation, and an especially powerful macro language. It will even work with IBM’s ViaVoice Enhanced Edition to let you enter text using a USB microphone. Plus, with our own Nisus Email you can easily drag your text and send it to anyone, just like that!

System Requirements: Mac OS 8.5 or later; 2MB of RAM on PPC’s with virtual memory turned on 35MB of free hard drive space. CD-Rom drive; NOTE: Requires Apple Language Kit Hebrew support to work in Hebrew. Apple Language Kit with Hebrew which is available on all Mac OS 9 and above.

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