DavkaWriter Platinum 6 – Full Version

DavkaWriter Platinum 6 is a sophisticated Hebrew/English word processor with over 50 new features and enhancements, including many that automate Hebrew/English text preparation.
Great New Features!

-Auto Spell Check checks spelling as you type, in Hebrew and English
-Powerful macro editor automates complex and repetitive tasks
-Create single and multi-level Table of Contents
-Insert automatically updating chapter files into header or footer
-New table commands, including convert table to text
-Automatically duplicate and link multiple text boxes
-Insert H with dot underneath for scholarly writing
-”Copy as Unicode” for Unicode-compliant programs
-Improved English thesaurus with 10,000 new words and usage examples

DavkaWriter Platinum 6 is a fully featured Hebrew/English word processor with advanced enhancements included as standard. It’s simple to use, yet exceptionally powerful. You won’t find better value in a Hebrew word processor anywhere.

Built for Hebrew word processing from the ground up!

-Hebrew/English spell checker and individual word translator
-Forty-eight Hebrew fonts, all with nikud and trop
-Color letters, nikud, and trop separately
-Shva-na, kamatz katan, and chataf-kamatz
-Search and replace for nikud and trop
-Fonts drop-down menu lists Hebrew and English separately and conveniently
-Expand accents for accurate editing of nikud and trop
-Intelli-Accent technology for custom placement of vowels and trop
-Search in Tanach and Mishnah
-Look up Tanach and Mishnah by book, chapter, and verse
-Hebrew/English footnote numbering
-Hebrew/English page numbering
-Hebrew/English numbered paragraphs
-Hebrew/English sorting
-Hebrew/English dates, using Jewish or secular calendar
-PowerStyles that specify font, size and style for Hebrew & English separately, so you can pair up different fonts
-Hebrew/English mail merge fields
-Hebrew/English chapter titles
-Importing of Dagesh, Nota Bene, and WordPerfect 5.1 Hebrew files
-Exports Hebrew text with nikud and trop to non-Hebrew-enabled software
-Export documents to text, RTF, and PDF file format

Designed with the home user in mind!

-Easy to learn and use
-Automatic bulleting, numbering and outlining
-Mail merge—create form letters easily and efficiently
-Label and envelope printing, with hundreds of Avery® templates
-FlexiText — stretch and twist text with dozens of creative effects

Pro features for creating sophisticated documents!

-Drawing layer—Place all graphical elements anywhere, with a variety of text-wrapping options
-Use text boxes to place text anywhere and flow it from box to box
-Customizable keyboard shortcuts, toolbars and menus
-Drop caps — by the letter or by the word
-PowerStyles — Control font, style, and paragraph automatically
-Select by Style – Change only the text that’s in a specific font, size and style
-Print Preview of up to 6 pages side by side – and edit while you preview

Free Bonuses — Fully integrated into DavkaWriter Platinum Hebrew Word Processor

-250 clip art images from the DavkaGraphics Collection
-Tanach with nikud and trop
-Mishnayot with nikud
-Siddur with nikud

System Requirements:
PC with Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP, 128MB RAM minimum, CD-ROM drive, sound card

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