New Torah for Nosson Deitsch Completed

For a year, scribes armed with only quill pens and a specially mixed ink have been busy re-creating the more than 300,000 handwritten letters that make up the Torah scroll for Chabad of Brandon, Florida.

Now, with the completion of the work featuring the five books of Moses on 54 pieces of parchment, Chabad of Brandon is preparing to celebrate and welcome the Torah to its new home at the Chabad of Brandon Jewish Center.

According to Rabbi Mendel Rubashkin, director of Chabad of Brandon, the celebration marks not only the culmination of the Torah but pays tribute to the efforts of the chabad members who raised the funds to commission the Torah.

“The Torah scroll is one of the Jewish people’s most sacred objects,” said Rubashkin. “The average process takes over a year to produce the beautiful workmanship of a Torah scroll. When a scroll is completed, it calls for great celebration by the city greeting it to its new home, the Holy Ark of the Synagogue.”


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