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Six Varieties of Kosher Ice Cream Produced in Russia

Six Varieties of Kosher Ice Cream Produced in Russia

Just in time for summer, a Russian ice cream company produced a special kosher line of the frozen dessert. The Stavropol-based company approached the kosher department of the Russian Chief Rabbinate headed by Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar about launching a production line that would be acceptable to Jewish dietary laws. Chabad-Lubavitch Rabbi Yossi Verzub, director […]

Up All Night: A Glimpse of Shavuot Eve in Tel Aviv

It’s 6:30 P.M. on Saturday night, erev Shavuot, and the doors of Fishka on Eilat Street are already open. A young couple is tangoing across the inner courtyard. A cluster is forming around the cheese and wine. Someone is doing a sound check for the microphones being set up in the library.  Raz. Dvah. Tri. […]

Dutch bill against ritual slaughter will end up mostly harming Jews, as usual

A few weeks ago, the Party for the Animals submitted a private law to the Dutch parliament to prohibit religious slaughter without stunning the animal first. The party has two seats in Parliament. This should not be surprising in a country where – according to a National Geographic study – the average dog owner prefers […]

The Process of Koshering the Beef

For a food to be kosher, it has to conform to the regulations of the Jewish Halakhic law. These rules form the basic aspect of Kashrut or the Jewish dietary laws. It is of Jewish practice to make sure that no unclean and impure foods enter our body. Beef can be consumed only if they […]

New Kosher Supermarket Opens in Moscow

New Kosher Supermarket Opens in Moscow

One of the largest Israeli retailers, “Co-op,” will soon be opening in Russia. The company intends to open its first major kosher food supermarket in Moscow by the end of 2011. If the Moscow store is successful, the company intends to open a similar store in S. Petersburg. The Moscow Co-op supermarket will sell on […]

Kosher Butcher – Ensuring the Beef is Kosher

Kosher is a term that basically means that food and wine are produced in a kosher way.  The food must be certified and the production must be overseen by a rabbi to make sure all criteria are met.  In the case of fruits and vegetables it’s not a problem.  Everything that comes out of the […]

Kosher Cheese – Difficult to Make but Worth the Effort

Eating kosher is a way of eating that follows certain religious dictates determined by Orthodox Jewish Rabbis.  The belief is that only food produced without cruelty and without contaminates be consumed.  Part of the practice is making sure that all food certified kosher only be served with other kosher food.  A cow is certified kosher […]

Kosher Dill Pickles – Is a Kosher Pickle Kosher?

Kosher dill pickles are somewhat misleading.  The term kosher describes a regimen of eating that is following by the Orthodox Jewish religion and other individuals interested in a healthy way of eating.  As a rule it includes meat and fowl slaughtered in a specific manner that is as cruelty free as possible with some exceptions.  […]

Kosher Foods – What Exactly Does Kosher Mean?

Kosher is a term used to describe the acceptableness of certain foods and drinks to people that are Orthodox Jews.  Kosher foods can come from any of the food groups as long as the proper procedures and protocol have been followed.  A food thought to be kosher may suddenly be non kosher simply because it […]

Kosher Gelatin – When Is It Kosher and When Is It Forbidden?

Gelatin has been a little tricky for people trying to eat kosher.  The base of the issue is that gelatin is not always made the same way and from the same products.  The bulk of the gelatin on the market and used in food production is made from the bones of cattle.  Gelatin made in […]

Kosher Meat – Why Eat Kosher?

People eat kosher meat for a lot of different reasons.  If you are Jewish chances are you ate kosher at certain holidays or at certain family members.  As a child you might not have even thought about what kosher meant, it was just a term that you heard your relatives use.  In fact, the word […]

Kosher Meats – What is Kosher and Why?

There is a wide range of meat producing animals that are considered kosher.  In the most basic interpretation an animal is kosher if it is cloven hoofed and chews its cud.  That would mean that cows, deer, and goats are all candidates to produce kosher meats.  It also means that some cloven hoofed animals such […]

Bar Mitzvah size tefillin

Made in Israel Bar Mitzvah size, kosher and high quality tefillin.Every pair of tefillin has been checked by a rabbi. Our high quality tefillin and the boxes (Batim) are molded from a few pieces of kosher animal skin (sheep or cow). They have hand written Parchments (Parshiot) put together by Soffers from Bney Braq and […]

Adult size tefillin

Made in Israel adult size, kosher and high quality tefillin (philactery). Every pair of tefillin has been checked by a rabbi.Our high quality tefillin and the boxes (Batim) are molded from a few pieces of kosher animal skin (sheep or cow). They have hand written Parchments (Parshiot) put together by Soffers from Bney Braq and […]

Antelope Yemenite XL

Yemenite twisted antelope’s horn shofar – extra long. A shofar can be made from the horn of any kosher animal except a cow. Today the use of a long and beautiful antelope horn is popular and a favorite of the Jewish community in Yemen. There are several types of antelopes whose horns vary in shape. […]

Classic Ram

Classic twisted ram’s horn shofars. By far the most common shofar in use by Jews of all backgrounds. It is hand made, comes in a fully polished finish and is thoroughly checked before shipping. It is Kosher, produced under the supervision of the Chief Rabbinate of Tel-Aviv & Jaffa. It measures along the curve approximately […]