Klausenberger Rebbe, Vol. 1: The War Years

Judah Lifschitz

Publisher: Targum Press

Out of the blazing fires of the Nazi inferno came a Torah leader of extraordinary intellect, boundless devotion to the Almighty and His people, and, most of all, superhuman mesiras nefesh, self-sacrifice. Marked for greatness from his youth, it was in the hellfires of Auschwitz and the Warsaw Ghetto that the enormity of the Klausenberger Rebbe’s spirit became apparent to all. In this scrupulously researched and beautifully written biography, we meet a rare and towering Torah giant, a tzaddik whose faith in the face of overwhelming adversity will uplift us and inspire us to reach for greater spiritual heights. Translated from the Hebrew “Lapid HaEish” by Aharon Surasky.

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