Meoros HaShabbos, Vol. 4 The Laws of Shabbos Arranged for Weekly Study at the Shabbos Table

Pump a fresh burst of inspiration into your Shabbos and infuse your family with enthusiasm even as you become enriched yourself.

Meoros HaShabbos is changing the Shabbos experience of Jews the world over, and it’s easy to see why. With easy-to-grasp elucidations of the laws of Shabbos, beautifully told anecdotes about Shabbos, and glistening jewels of wisdom from our Sages that give spice and spirit to the Shabbos table for the entire family. Divided according to the weekly Torah portion, Meoros HaShabbos is eminently valuable, amazingly do-able, and a surefire success.

Volume Four discusses the laws of Borer, Dosh, and Melaben.

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