Chain of Thought 2 volumes

By: Moshe Hubner
From popular Hamodia columnist Rabbi Moshe Hubner comes the perfect gift for any occasion – a two-volume compendium of Torah insights culled from the works of more than 200 Torah greats, many of whom have remained remarkably unknown throughout history. Written in the same style as Rabbi Hubner’s Torah articles, Chain of Thought can be enjoyed by the entire family, young and old – from those who spend their days learning to those who are just beginning to delve into the Torah’s wisdom. Each article ties in a practical lesson applicable to modern times, while still maintaining the timeless lessons of our holy sages. Included are short biographies of each Gadol quoted, to help bring a greater appreciation and understanding of where they came from and how much they have to offer us through their writings. Chain of Thought is an ideal gift for bar mitzvahs, bas mitzvahs, graduations, housewarmings, birthdays, or any occasion.

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