Jews and Politics: Why Vote?

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jap-voteIn a day’s time New York City will settle one of the most interesting mayoral races we have seen in a while.

As a community, we must come together and support a candidate for mayor and city council.

The 35th city council district has seen a wide variety of candidates as well, all of whom are vying to become our next city council representative.

Now you might be asking yourself – why should this concern me as a frum Jew?

To answer this, we must first understand the significance of the relationship between the Jewish community and the executive branch of government.

The Jewish community has played a major role in American politics, ever since the election of the first president. Although many Jewish leaders resisted involvement in politics at first, for fear that it would harm the larger Jewish population in the country, the debate over slavery, religious freedom and other pertinent matters brought out a political voice within the Jewish community. At first many rabbis and influential Jews were hesitant to be openly vocal, but as the discussion over the issues continued to rage, members of the Jewish community began to step forward.


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