Jewish Ritual

A Brief Introduction for Christians
by Rabbi Kerry M. Olitzky and Rabbi Daniel Judson

A window into the meaning of Jewish rituals throughout history and today — written especially for Christians.

Ritual moments and opportunities guide the daily life of practicing Jews. These spiritual practices give expression to Jewish identity and reflect Judaisms core beliefs and values. But what can they mean to Christians seeking to understand their own faith? In this special book, Rabbis Olitzky and Judson guide you through the whys and hows of nine specific areas of Jewish ritual.

  • Observing the Sabbath
  • Keeping Kosher
  • Putting on Tefillin (Prayer Boxes)
  • Wrapping the Tallit (Prayer Shawl)
  • Covering the Head
  • Studying Torah
  • Praying Daily
  • Saying Blessings throughout the Day
  • Going to the Ritual Bath
Providing you with the biblical and historical background of each practice, insight into its contemporary use and significanceincluding the often divergent approaches of different Jewish movementsand personal stories from rabbis and lay people, this easy-to-understand guide illustrates the deep meaning these rituals have in the Jewish relationship with God. Linking these practices to familiar rituals in the Christian tradition, Olitzky and Judson help you better understand the roots of Christianity and how the fundamentals of Judaism relate to and reflect your own spiritual foundation.(115 Pages)

Publisher: Jewish Lights, 2005

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