The Portable Jewish Mother: Guilt, Food, And … When Are You Giving Me Grandchildren

Laurie Rozakis

Publisher: Adams Media Corporation

Lately, have you not felt enough guilt? Forgotten to worry if you’re getting too thin? Or heard too few complaints about your being single? Well then, here you go! All the kvetch-ing and moaning only a Jewish mother could provide.

Laurie Rozakis brings you the good, the bad, and the guilt with The Portable Jewish Mother. Serving up a healthy, heaping portion of Mom’s love and wisdom, all without the gefilte fish aftertaste. Complete with quizzes and recipes, myths and misconceptions, this book answers any and all questions you could ever have about Jewish mothers.

Even if your mom is a shiksa, she’ll love The Portable Jewish Mother. Because all mothers have a little Jewish mother in them!

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