Melbourne Russian Jews Celebrate Purim in New Shul

The Chabad on Carlisle-Jewish Russian Community Centre in Melbourne, directed by Rabbi C. E. Gorelik and Rabbi Y. Sufrin, hosted two Purim functions which were attended by over 160 people.

The first was held on Purim night for students and young adults over 18. The program included the ‘Stray Cats’ as performing entertainers, megillah reading by Rabbi Mendy Mishulovin and full dinner menu. Many were delighted to have this opportunity for them to get together on Purim and celebrate the holiday with their friends and colleagues.

The second was held Purim day at the Centre’s newly renovated shul. Many new families attended and the program, which included megillah reading, ‘Dr. Froth’s Incredibubble show’ and a full dinner.


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