In Brussels, Friends of Israel to Mark J’lem Day

A Jewish group on Wednesday will hold an event at the European parliament commemorating Israel’s establishment of control over the eastern part of Jerusalem in 1967, a week after the national holiday was held in Israel.

The European Jewish Community Center (EJCC), which is organizing the event, said the gathering will be attended by Minister-without- Portfolio Yossi Peled, Vice President of the European Parliament Alejo Vidal-Quadras Roca and dozens of other pro-Israel politicians.

“We throw an event like this every year,” said Avi Tawil, the director of the organization. “It’s an opportunity to give Israel’s friends a stage to show their support for the country.”

Few countries in the world recognize either east or west Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, claiming the status of the city should be determined in talks with Palestinians and the international community. However, Tawil said some European politicians supported changing the current status quo.


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