Shluchim in the Mountain Time States

The Jerusalem Post featured the story of 4 Shluchim and their families who live in the ‘mountain time’ states and are among few Jews and face many challenges.

Raizy Mendelsohn, who codirects the Chabad of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, with her husband, Rabbi Zalman Mendelsohn. Jackson Hole is far from the thriving Jewish communities in Toronto and Ramat Beit Shemesh where she was born and grew up.

There is no regular morning prayer service during the week and sometimes not even on Shabbat, except during the busy summer tourist season. The closest actual mikvaot are in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Bozeman, Montana, which are both five hours away in the few months when there is no snow and up to 10 hours during blizzards.

But Mendelsohn has no complaints. Raising three smiley daughters aged five and under and with another child on the way, she is the picture of contentment living in a place where a moose moving into her front yard is par for the course.


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