Jerusalem Students Greet Oldest Couple to Make Aliyah

A class of 33 eighth grade students from Hebrew University High School (Leyada) in Jerusalem greeted the oldest couple to make aliyah in the history of Israel earlier this month. The Israeli students, aged thirteen to fourteen years old; many with parents or grandparents who happened to have made aliyah, have spent the past two months studying aliyah in a special class project about olim from the early stages of the Yishuv to modern day Israel.

The Leyada students, upon arriving to Ben Gurion airport, had the opportunity to greet Phillip and Dorothy Grossman, ages 95 and 93, together with 43 other North American olim who arrived to Israel with Nefesh B’Nefesh in a charter flight.

Speaking to the Leyada students, Nefesh B’Nefesh spokesperson Tani Kramer explained that the organization provides a free a flight to those who make aliyah and continues to help the new olim adjust even after they leave the airport.


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