Israel’s West Bank policies render the two-state solution DOA

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The very first meeting between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Barack Obama following the latter’s assumption of the American presidency was preceded by a dramatic decision by Israel’s Supreme Court. On May 18, 2009, the High Court of Justice issued gave the state 90 days to detail steps it had taken to dismantle six unauthorized outposts in the West Bank (Mitzpeh Lachish, Givat Asaf, Ramat Gilad, Ma’aleh Rehavam, Mitzpeh Yitzhar and Givat Haro’eh) .

As with all outposts, the houses, roads and infrastructure in these locations had all been constructed illegally, some on private Palestinian land. And, following a petition by the left-wing NGO Peace Now, the justices demanded that the state explain why it had not ousted these trespassers.

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  • Bx1935

    The Israeli supreme court is great when it comes to this, but what has been done about the plethora of illegal construction and occupation by arabs???????????????????

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