Ruti Fogel blurred in act of respect

Rabbi Shlomo Aviner, one of the most prominent Religious Zionism leaders, has justified the decision to blur a picture of Ruti Fogel, who was brutally murdered in the settlement of Itamar along with her husband and three of their children, in a weekly bulleting published by the Meir Institute.

The rabbi addressed the incident in a video response to a reader’s question on the Maale website. “It’s an act of respect,” he said. “Although she has died, it doesn’t mean she shouldn’t be respected.”

Rabbi Aviner is one of the leaders of the Meir Institute, which publishes the “In love and faith” bulletin, and a regular columnist. He is known for his strict halachic opinion, especially when it comes to modesty issues.

“Had she been asked when she was alive – this is what she would have wanted,” he said about Ruti Fogel and her blurred people. “Just because a person a dead doesn’t mean their picture can be taken lightly.”


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