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Jewish Woman Rescued from Arab Village – after 28 Years

A dramatic rescue takes a Jewish woman and her two young children out of the clutches of a brutal Palestinian Authority Arab husband with whom she lived for 28 years. The anti-missionary Yad L’Achim organization, which also works on behalf of Jewish women trapped in relationships with Arabs, revealed the extraordinary story, after “Dinah, the […]

L.A. Kings Capture Chabad Rabbi’s Heart

On Monday, June 11, ’12, history was made as the National Hockey League’s Los Angeles Kings became champions. Wait a minute! What does a Chabad Chasidic Rabbi know about hockey? Actually, not a lot (but I am teachable). The Los Angeles Kings were born a mere couple of years after Yours Truly, and in the […]

Chabad Man Named One of Ten Jewish Chicagoans of the Year

A Chabad man from Chicago was named this week one of ten Jewish Chicagoans of the year. The man, Rabbi Yaakov Yarmove, is known by the nickname “King of Kosher” in Chicago, since he runs the kosher departments at 1,300 supermarkets across the United States. In recent months he has also been behind the importing […]

The Fine Line Between Culture and Politics at Olympic Festival

Israeli and ‘Palestinian’ poets will be participating in an upcoming international poetry festival as part of the Cultural Olympiad, scheduled to take place at the Southbank Centre in London from June 26 to July 1, the Jewish Chronicle (JC) reported. The week-long celebrations, which aim at showcasing the talent of poets and artists from Olympic […]

The Living History of the Holocaust is Dying

History soon will be the only memory of the Holocaust, without live witnesses, as survivors die at the rate of nearly one an hour, according to a report by the Foundation for the Benefit of Holocaust Victims in Israel. The report was published two days before Holocaust Remembrance Day, which begins Wednesday night. Approximately 12,000 […] Newsletter Issue # 23 March 28, 2012

More children are suffering accidents from poisoning to drowning during the two weeks before Passover than during any other fortnight in the year. The dangers are even greater during the week before the Festival of Freedom, when children are on school holiday and parents are involved in intensive cleaning preparations. Parents are told to protect […]

Priest and Sister Honored for Saving Jewish Children

Priest and Sister Honored for Saving Jewish Children

A nun and a deceased priest were honored as “Righteous Gentiles” Tuesday for saving three Jewish children in France during the Holocaust. The children did not know how they were saved until one of them began investigating their background in the 1990s, more than 45 years after the fall of the Nazi regime. Sister Marie […]

Holocaust Survivor Recalls Kindness of US Troops

Holocaust survivor recalls kindness of US troops

Aliza Vitis-Shomron on Thursday vividly recalled her brush with death on the eve of her liberation from the Nazis in 1945. The survivor, who spoke on a panel at the Kibbutz Yad Mordechai Holocaust Museum the day before the world marks International Holocaust Remembrance Day, said a rumor had spread among the group of Jewish […] Newsletter Issue # 11 January 4, 2012

Bad news for Jewish day school advocates during the month of December. According to the Avi Chai Foundation, day school enrollment saw a “modest decline” of about 1.4% in the 2011-12 school year, compared with the year before. The sharpest decline was reported among the Solomon Schechter schools of Conservative Judaism, which experienced a 3.8% […]

Youngest US State Legislator Explores Jewish Roots in Israel

Kesha Ram, who at the age of 25 is the youngest woman currently serving as a state legislator in the United States, was born to a Jewish mother and Hindu father. Ram, who applied to the Taglit-Birthright free Israel trip, said in her application, “In Jewish culture, my understanding is that if your mother is […]

Jewish outfielder Ryan Braun named U.S. National League MVP

Ryan Braun, the slugging outfielder for the Milwaukee Brewers, was named the National League Most Valuable Player, making him the first Jewish ballplayer to win the award in nearly five decades. Braun, the son of an Israeli-born Jewish father and a Catholic mother, received 20 of 32 first-place votes and 388 points in voting announced […]

Israel’s Daniel Shechtman wins 2011 Nobel Prize in chemistry

Israeli scientist Daniel Shechtman has been named as the winner of the 2011 Nobel Prize in chemistry, the award panel for the prestigious prize announced Wednesday. He was awarded the prize for his discovery of patterns in atoms called quasicrystals, a chemical structure that researchers previously thought was impossible. Tel Aviv-born Shechtman, 70, is a […]

Natalie Portman Names Son Alef

I first read the reports last month that Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied had named their newborn son Alef. There was no confirmation of the name from Portman so I didn’t blog about it. Now, it appears that more news sources are picking up on this rumor. Israel Hayom first raised the possibility that Natalie […]

Israel’s Raid on Entebbe – 35th Anniversary

I missed being born on America’s bicentennial by only twenty days. July 4, 1976 was a momentous day for our nation, but I missed it. It wasn’t until about fifteen years later that I would learn that America’s 200th birthday wasn’t the only important event that occurred on July 4, 1976. As a high school […]

Itzhak Rabin Monument

Itzhak Rabin Monument is a monument with great historical significance. This is the exact area where the Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated on November 04, 1995 during a peace rally. In the monument, one would see the stairs where he was walking down with the assassin leading to the roof where the amateur video […]

Beit Rubin Museum

Beit Rubin Museum is an attractive little Museum situated at 14 Bialik Street in Tel Aviv, Israel. It has a collection of art books, documentary information and a video in English regarding the artist Reuven Rubin, as well as his studio is all on exhibit in the Museum. The artist, Reuven Rubin was born in […]

Unbeatable logic and brilliant mind of Benjamin Netanyahu

Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu is the Prime Minister of Israel. He also acts as the Chairman of Likud Party, a Knesset Member, Israel Health Minister, the Pensioner Affairs Minister of Israel and Economic Strategy Minister of Israel. Benjamin Netanyahu was born October 21, 1949, and is the first and only prime minister than is born in […]

Inspired by Facebook, Israeli couple names their daughter Like

Everybody likes babies. Some people like unique names. An Israeli couple likes both. The couple decided not to wait for Facebook users to click on the “like” button when seeing photographs of their newborn baby girl. Instead, they pre-empted them by naming her: Like. The most popular names for girls in Israel currently are Noa, […]

Helen Thomas: Jews control White House, US Congress

Veteran US Journalist Helen Thomas said that Jews have “total control” over the White House and US Congress, telling Playboy magazine in an interview to be published in April, “Everybody is in the pocket of the Israeli lobbies.” Thomas, who covered the White House for more than six decades, was forced to resign from her […]

iYarzheit: Jewish Technology to Remember

iYarzheit: Jewish Technology to Remember

The latest bit of Jewish technology to help the absent-minded was born of a need for compassion: meet the iYarzheit. Created by a South African-born immigrant to Sydney, Australia, the application calculates, stores and reminds users of the anniversaries of the deaths of friends and relatives. Especially helpful for busy business people and those whose […]

Ugandan rabbi runs for parliament

Ugandan rabbi runs for parliament

Native-born Ugandan Rabbi Gershom Sizomu is running for the country’s national Parliament. If elected in the February 2011 vote, Sizomu would be the first Jew elected to national office in Uganda and also the first rabbi to be seated in a nationally elected government outside of Israel, according to Be’chol Lashon, an American-based organization committed […]

U.S.-born Yemen cleric: No need for religious authorization to kill Americans

U.S.-born Yemen cleric: No need for religious authorization to kill Americans

A radical U.S.-born Sunni Muslim preacher wanted dead or alive by the United States and Yemen urged Muslim scholars on Monday to promote jihad, or holy war, against U.S. and Israeli interests in the region. “Do not consult with anybody in killing the Americans,” said the U.S.-born al-Awlaki, who is wanted by Washington over links to […]

History Timeline of Jewish People in America

History Timeline of Jewish People in America

1630 Holland captures Pernambuco, Brazil from the Portuguese and invites Jewish settlement. A significant Jewish community develops in Recife.  (Recife is the 4th largest metropolitan area in Brazil with 4,136,506 inhabitants. 1649 Solomon Franco was a merchant, who was granted a weekly stipend by the Puritan authorities on the condition that he leave on the […]

Netanyahu Entering Jewish History’s Blacklist

Netanyahu Entering Jewish History's Blacklist

MK Yaakov (Ketzaleh) Katz sent Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu an unforgiving message upon the beginning of “peace talks” in Washington. The two terror attacks this week that left five dead (including an unborn baby in its ninth month of development) and two wounded would not have occurred, he said, were it not for ‘gestures’ made […]

Dutch Chief Rabbi Passes Away at 101

Dutch Chief Rabbi Passes Away at 101

The top spiritual leader of Holland’s Jewish community, Chief Rabbi Meir Just, has passed away at the age of 101. The rabbi died on April 9 after a brief hospitalization. Rabbi Just was born in Vizhnitz in 1908, son of the gabbai (assistant) of the Vitznitzer Rebbe. He studied in yeshivas in Grosswardein, Vizhnitz and Frankfurt in […]

Palestinian PM to Haaretz: We will have a state next year

RAMALLAH – Next year, “the birth of a Palestinian state will be celebrated as a day of joy by the entire community of nations,” says Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad in an exclusive interview to Haaretz. Relaying Passover greetings to the Jewish community, Fayyad hopes Israelis will also participate in the celebrations for the […]

Israel: A Nation is Born

Set of 5 Video Tapes A five-part video series presented by former Israeli Foreign Minister Abba Eban. It chronicles his recollections of and his part in, the creation of the State of Israel. The series tells the story of the events leading to the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948; the subsequent conflicts, […]

Burnt Bread and Chutney

A Memoir of an Indian Jewish Childhoodby Carmit Delman In the politics of skin color, Carmit Delman is an ambassador from a world of which few are even aware. Her mother is a direct descendant of the Bene Israel, a tiny, ancient community of Jews thriving amidst the rich cultural tableau of Western India. Her […]

Shaar HaGilgulim

The Gates of Reincarnationby Rabbi Isaac Luria and Rabbi Chaim VitalTranslated by: Yitzchal Bar Chaim Shaar HaGilgulim (The Gates of Reincarnation) records the fundamentals of spiritual development and the journeys of the soul. Based on the writings of the master Kabbalist, Rabbi Yitzchak Luria, zt’l (1534-1572), the Arizal, the book was recorded by his foremost […]

Rabbi Meir Kahane: His Life and Thought

Volume One: 1932-1975by Libby Kahane Rabbi Meir Kahane was born in New York City in 1932. He studied at the Mir Yeshiva in Brooklyn, receiving rabbinic ordination in 1956. That same year, he completed his law studies at New York Law School, and he subsequently received a masters degree in international law from New York […]