Interview with Mary Glickman: Enthralling Author, Charming Mensch (Part I)

Mary Glickman is a writer, public relations professional, and fundraiser who has worked with Jewish charities and organizations. Glickman writes about the Southern-Jewish experience in her bestselling, debut novel Home in the Morning, as well as in her latest book, One More River, which earned her the 2011 National Jewish Book Award Finalist in Fiction. We were able to catch a moment with this deligthful woman who demonstrates the essence of Southern charm.

In regards to Home in the Morning: How did the story come to you? How did you arrive at the story?

A few years ago while I was living up North, an op-ed appeared in the Boston Globe. The author had visited Charleston, South Carolina and complained that the docent of the Confederate Museum was not apologetic enough about a lack of African American visitors. He said: “One misses a clear pronunciation to visitors and locals alike that, for the record, slavery was bad.”


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