I love hate mail like this

My dear fellow Jew,

Your ignorance of basic Judaism is so evident in your threads, posts, broadcasts and discussions.

What you post on the web is there, for a long, long time. Not only to Jews read this, but non-Jews as well.

Your desecration of G-d’s name is tremendous. You are an embarrassment to me and so many other Jews that try very hard every day to go down the path of a “frum” Jew.

We are all not as fake as those who have helped shape your twisted life. Please take off your Yarmulke when you create videos. It will lessen the desecration factor.

For your sake and the sake of all of the world, find a teacher that can teach you even the basics of Jewish law. Perhaps start with 20 or so CDs from the Avigdor Miller collection…

Read More: @ frumsatire.net

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