If you saw your best friend getting raped, what would you do?

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The answer seems pretty obvious, but in Hush (reviewed last week by Eliyahu Fink, because I hadn’t gotten my copy yet) it is anything but. Hush is the memoir-novel written for young adults about two best friends who grow up in Boro Park. It is written by a chassidish woman who goes by the pseudonym Eishes Chayil and I am quite surprised that none of the Jewish skeptic bloggers have been eating this book up.

Devory and Gittel are best friends, Gittel is sleeping over at Devory’s house one shabbos and Devory’s brother is home from yeshiva, Devory is acting strange and doesn’t want to go to sleep, in the middle of the night Devory’s brother Shmuli sneaks into the room and does things in Devory’s bed that Gittel doesn’t quite understand.

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