How to Prepare Your Own Jewish Wedding Program

Jewish wedding programs are a great way to outline the events of your wedding. The program is specifically important if you have guests who are non-practicing Jews or if you have an interfaith wedding. It will guide your guests to unfamiliar rituals incorporated in your wedding. Here’s how you can create your own Jewish wedding program:

  • Research about the different elements of a Jewish wedding. Your rabbi is a great resource person who can provide you with information about Jewish weddings.
  • A personalized wedding program is still your best option. Include acknowledgments or message of appreciation to your parents and other people who assisted you with your wedding needs.
  • If you are to use a pre-written wedding program, I suggest tweaking its content a bit. If possible, modify the program in such a way that it will be relevant to your wedding ceremony. Do not include explanations of wedding rituals which you will not include in your wedding. Give your wedding program a personal approach.
  • It is very important to proofread your program before finalizing it. Have some persons to assist you in checking your wedding programs for errors (typos and incorrect spelling).
  • Make your wedding program attractive. Depending on your budget, you may have your program printed together with your invitations or you may decide to print your own. You can use specialty paper and shop for accessories to make your program more attractive.

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