How to Make a Shofar for High Holidays

shutterstock_9260140_whOne of the most pinnacle points of the Jewish High Holidays is the blowing of the shofar, which happens no less than 100 times during Rosh Hashana alone. So Jewish News One went to the Golan Heights to one of only three shofar factories in the world to discover how a kosher shofar is created.

For Shimon Kaynan, the fascination with the shofar goes back to the time when as a child he tried to build one out of pipes, as he himself admits Kol Shofar, his Shofar factory, is his dream come true.

“We’re the most modern factory that exists,” he says. “We also opened it to the public, so they come from all over the world: Jewish and non-Jewish, orthodox and non-religious people, children and adults.

“I dreamed of this since my childhood and it became my life’s work. I really took everything that I am and all my love to the profession and turned into a living. I even bring my children here into this business. Both Hanan and Nathaniel are working with me.


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