Hebrew Charter School Expected to Strengthen D.C. Community

Sela Public Charter School, a Hebrew language public charter school (pre-K through fifth grade), has recently been granted a conditional charter to open in the District of Columbia, the Washington Post reported on Tuesday.

While the school teaches Hebrew, it is not Jewish or religious, which alleviates some of the hefty tuition costs of a private Jewish Day School. If the teachers or administrators are found professing Jewish or religious ideas, the school will lose its charter.

“[F]rom my rabbinic perspective a Hebrew language secular school is a very good thing for the Jewish and non-Jewish residents of the District,” says Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld who wrote the article in the Post. “The Jewish children who attend the school will learn Hebrew.  If they then decide to supplement their Hebrew education with a religious school or an intense synagogue experience, they will have a much easier time.”

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