How to Bless the Children

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Blessing the children on a Friday night is a nice Jewish custom that is practiced by many parents to bring spirituality into their families.

  • There are many different customs practiced by different families in blessing their children. In some families, only the father gives the blessing, in others both parents. Some parents give the blessings in unison while in some, the father gives the blessing to the son and the mother to the daughter.
  • The person giving the blessing put a hand on the child’s head and recites the following blessings: ”May God bless you and watch over you. May God shine his face toward you and show you favor. May God be favorably disposed toward you, and may he grant you peace.”
  • Take a moment to whisper something to your child. You could praise him for an accomplishment or express your unconditional love for your child.
  • Some Jewish families bless their children immediately after Kiddush. Others bless their children right after lighting the Shabbat candles.

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