How “Rabbi” J. Ezra Merkin Bought His Co-op Apartment at 740 Park Avenue

The J. Ezra Merkin of recent headlines and scandals — known for eternity as a Bernie Madoff feeder — and the Merkin family live in duplex apartment 6/7B at 740 Park Avenue.

A book by Michael Gross, 740 Park, is a fascinating account of rich New York through the prism of that single exceptional building.

We bought this book several years ago to read about the really rich folk in the neighborhood where we grew up, including Merkin’s upstairs neighbor, our former Brown University buddy, Tommy Tisch (duplex 8/9B), and the rest of the club at the “tony” address.

There’s barely a mention of Tommy in the book and the passage on Ezra, mistaken by the co-op board for a rabbi, is now, in retrospect, funny. Here’s what Gross says on page 467 about how Ezra Merkin bought his apartment from Faith Perelman:


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